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Micro Pellets are ready to fill pellets, but as the name suggests they are very small in size compared to the conventional pellets.

Innovation in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals is an ongoing process. The objective is to provide mankind with better medicines and quality drugs with less amount of unnecessary excepients/fillers.

The advantages of micro pellets over the conventional pellets are as follows:

1) No batch to batch variation.

2) Can be given as enteric coated/sustained released or immediate release pellets

3) Can be filled in size 4 or even in size 5 capsule hence ease of  administration and better patient compliance.

4) Innovative technology hence difficult to duplicate by counterfeiters.

Our product range:

Isoxsuprine (S.R.)

Propranolol HCL (S.R.)

Pantoprazole (enteric coated)

Omeprazole (enteric coated)

Lansoprazole (enteric coated)

Rabeprazole (enteric coated)


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